They say night is darkest just before dawn,
But what when those first rays of light, blazing over the horizon,
Illuminate only the fires started to stave the darkness, running rampant.
When that light of day arrives only to see the world burn to death.

What then?

Do you try to rebuild from the ashes, even though you know the phoenix to be a myth?
Or set your body alight, recreating the symbol without the hope.
Do you lay your body amongst the dust and let it envelop you?
Or go on, face forever ashen, pining for that which once was.

What now?

Is the earth scorched
Or newly fertile from the destruction above.
Is the world destroyed
Or has it been hollowed for the seeds of a new beginning.
And that sun, that’s still rising,
That light which it brings,
Will it highlight the death of before,
Or will it shine life anew.

What next?